Ways to revamp your home into a child usable space without selling your existing home

New bundle of joy is indeed welcoming and one of the greatest motivation and joy.  Hence, we would always yield for the best to them.  This normally comes down to making our existing home as enjoyable and child safe for them.  Here are some of the recommendations options we could do.

1) The use of safety shields

Young children tend not to be stable in their steps hence the best way is to prevent them from falling without restricting on their way.  We could help by introducing corner bumpers and door stoppers.  This prevents the little ones from sharp edges for example, table corners and sudden slamming of doors.

2) Installation of grills

Our main worry is young children running out of the house to the balconies or windows without grilles.  We recommend installing grills to minimize incidents.  One of the best way is not to place our funitures further away from windows.

3) Sealed out electricity points

If your home electricity points is not in use, do consider to use furniture like cabinets or sofa to hide the points.  Alternatively, can get the safety plastic covers on the points to prevent the little ones from sticking their finger into the socket.