Franadata is incorporated to help in home seekers and owners on a simple and easy journey when looking or searching for a home.  We are here to make this journey a smooth and pleasure one.  With us, we are creating a community to bring home seekers to find their ideal dream home.  We are here also to assist home owners to maximize their property for maximum yield.   Our platform offers a simple to use tools with a full range of quality and genuine property listing to consumers to assist in their home search.

We are in the real estate segment since 2 decades ago.  Franadata is the first provider to offer a full home report to home owners and real estate agents on the fair property price to sell, buy and rent in Singapore.  Following in the year 2012, we are also the leader to introduced x-value.  This helps consumers on a real time basis to have a fast and accurate estimation of the price of their preferred home.

We hope that our data collection will be of use to consumers using our service.